Winnipeg police officer charged with assault after driver fractures orbital bone

An officer with the Winnipeg Police Service has been charged with assault causing bodily harm following an incident in June 2018 where a man’s orbital bone, which is around the eye, was broken.

According to the Independent Investigation Unit, on June 16, 2018 police stopped a car near Portage Avenue and the Perimeter Highway that had been driving erratically. Police allegedly used force to subdue the 36-year-old driver, who was reportedly acting uncooperatively. The man complained he was hurt and was taken to hospital with a fracture to his right orbital bone.

The IIU investigated and the civilian director Zane Tessler determined “there are reasonable and probable grounds to believe a criminal offence occurred,” according to the release.

Cont. Dustin Rodeck has been served a summons to appear in provincial court in Winnipeg on Aug. 7.