Winnipeg Transit building fewer bus shelters in 2023

Winnipeg Transit won’t be building as many new heated bus shelters as it usually does this year.

In a report to the city’s Public Works Committee this week, transit officials said it has reduced its heated shelter program from 55 to 35 new builds.

The move was made as part of Transit’s COVID-19 deficit management plan. Winnipeg Transit also said there is no funding to build any new unheated shelters in the city this year.

Transit also said it’s facing supply chain challenges in finding building supplies, and the cost of repairing vandalized bus shelter has skyrocketed.

The public transportation provider said the price of building the heated shelters can be cost-prohibitive depending on its distance from the power source. Each shelter can cost up to $125,000 to build.

Winnipeg Transit spend more than $700,000 on bus shelter repairs in 2021/22.

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