Winter tires reducing collision claims in Manitoba: MPI study

WINNIPEG — As the snow has started falling through Manitoba, Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) says a new survey they have conducted shows the effectiveness of winter tires.

The survey, released Wednesday morning, said vehicles with winter tires are in fewer crashes than vehicles without winter tires, with winter tire use reducing collision claim frequency by an estimated 6.3 per cent.

MPI said it analyzed collision claims from November to March between 2011-12 and 2017-18, comparing claim frequency before and after a winter tire purchase for 111,872 vehicles.

The report said there were 13,925 winter-month claims occurring before winter tires were installed, and 9,802 winter-month claims occurring after winter tires were installed.

In addition, severe damage in a collision was 5.7 per cent lower for vehicles that had winter tires installed, compared to vehicles that did not have winter tires.

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