Woodstock apologizes for previous comments directed at Jenny Motkaluk’s brother

One of Winnipeg’s mayoral candidates is apologizing for previous comments they made directed at another candidate that sparked the potential for a lawsuit.

Don Woodstock previously directed comments toward Jenny Motkaluk at a mayoral forum in September asking if she would “rein in her brother if elected mayor” Motkaluk’s brother is a founder of Bayview Construction, which is one of several firms that bids on city contracts.

Motkaluk responded said if she was elected mayor, the company would follow all the same rules and requirements.

The comments continued from Woodstock, who accused the city of buying back crushed rock from Motkaluk’s brother to help him make money.

The comments eventually escalated into Motkaluk walking out of the forum.

Following the forum, Robert Tapper, a lawyer who represents Bayview Construction, sent Woodstock a notice of imminent legal action.

On Tuesday, Woodstock apologized for his comments, saying if he is elected mayor, he wouldn’t want a lawsuit hanging over his head.

“I have decided to settle this matter and (the Bayview lawyers) have agreed as long as I made it public. They have issued me, as of this morning, a notice of discontinuance,” said Woodstock Tuesday.

“I’m writing to formally apologize for the misunderstanding that my statement may have caused.”

He said his comments weren’t meant to be directed at any one individual and instead address the policies the city currently has in place.

He said he wishes he shared his comments in a better way, but now that the apology has been issued, he said the issue is behind him.

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