Debate over ride-sharing legislation rages at Manitoba legislature

Debate over ride-sharing legislation rages at Manitoba legislature

WINNIPEG — A heated debate is underway at the Manitoba legislature where committee hearings have begun for Bill 30, which would give Winnipeg a mandate to create bylaws allowing Uber to operate in the city while dissolving the taxicab board.

More than 160 people are scheduled to speak to the bill, ranging from private citizens to labour representatives to representatives of the ride-sharing company from Toronto.

It has been a contentious issue, with Mayor Brian Bowman, who is in favour of bringing ride-sharing to the city, alleging a member of the taxi industry made a threat against him.

Uber says there’s a petition that shows a lot of people in Winnipeg are in support of the idea.

But not everyone backs the Conservative-sponsored bill, and NDP Leader Wab Kinew recently stood with cab owners on the steps of the legislature.

He says cab owners should be compensated once Uber is allowed in the province, and wants provisions in the legislation making sure ride-sharing companies follow the same rules and regulations as taxis.

(CTV Winnipeg)


Published at Mon, 23 Oct 2017 21:54:41 -0400