Another day, another crow: Hydro deals with second bird-related outage

Residents of west Winnipeg were dealing with another power outage Friday after a crow crashed into and damaged a power station, said Manitoba Hydro.This marks the second crow-related outage in as many days.READ MORE: Murder of crows crash into substation, taking out powerAn outage Thursday that affected thousands of customers on the city’s western edge was apparently caused by a murder of crows making contact with equipment at a substation – and Friday’s issues seem to have the same cause.Hydro said they’re hoping to have the problem resolved later Friday afternoon.#mboutage west Winnipeg: a crow caused damage to one of our stations, but we’re working on switching customers to another supply. We’re hoping to have everyone back on by about 3:45 p.m. Thanks for your patience.— Manitoba Hydro (@manitobahydro) August 23, 2019
WATCH: Manitoba Hydro working on new way to contact customers about power outages