Another Winnipegger hits lotto million

Winnipeg has another million-dollar Lotto Max winner.Lorne Ronald bought his winning ticket at Mississippi Jack’s Car Wash on Beaverhill Boulevard for the Oct. 19 draw, and was shocked to discover that he was one of two Winnipeg winners.READ MORE: Winnipeg’s newest millionaire plans to upgrade his gaming system“I hoped I had one of the winning tickets,” he said. “I always hope that I’ll win something, but this is crazy! I never expected it!“I called my daughter to tell her I won and she didn’t believe it either.”Ronald said now that the shock is wearing off, he needs to decide what to do with his new winnings.“I’m going to start with just getting organized,” he said. “I think the majority of the money will go into savings and be used at another time.”WATCH: 2018 St. Boniface Mega Million Choices Lottery: Nicholas Lawrenz