Canada election: Winnipeg Centre

Voters in the riding of Winnipeg Centre head to the polls on Oct. 21.The riding was solidly NDP until the 2015 Federal Election, as Robert-Falcon Ouellette, who ran for Winnipeg mayor and came in a surprising third, rode his popularity wave to a Liberal victory.CandidatesLiberal: Robert-Falcon OuelletteConservative: Ryan DyckNDP: Leah GazanGreen: Andrea ShalayPPC: Yogi HendersonGeographyStory continues below

The riding starts at the intersection of the Red River with the Assiniboine River, then heads west along the Assiniboine River to Ferry Road. From there it heads north along Ferry Road, past the airport boundary to Notre Dame Avenue. Then it turns west to Brookside boulevard, travels up to the train tracks, follows the tracks all the way to the Red River, then heads down to the Assiniboine River.HistoryThe riding was originally created in 1914, using parts of the Winnipeg and Selkirk ridings. It was abolished in 1924, but put together again in 1997, using Winnipeg North Centre and Winnipeg South Centre.Robert Falcon Ouellette won the vote with 54 per cent of the vote, with longtime NDP MP Pat Martin receiving 28 per cent of the vote.Get daily local headlines and alerts