Canadian Power Toboggan Championships take over Beausejour, Man.

The longest running snowmobile race in the world is returning to Manitoba for the weekend.The 57th annual Canadian Power Toboggan Championships is taking place in Beausejour, Man.READ MORE: Manitoba’s Red River Jeep Club rings in the new year, helps community“The fans, family, friends come out to see me. You want to win at home, it’d mean a lot to win here,” says Winnipeg-born racer, Glen Hart.The race marks number 8 of 9 in the United States Snowmobile Association’s “Pro Star Series.”

A wide view of the track in Beausejour, Man. on Saturday.

A wide view of the track in Beausejour, Man. on Saturday.Marek Tkach / Global News
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“The snowmobiles go from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in two seconds flat. People are always excited to watch the races. It’s an exciting sport,” explained the event’s president Reid Baker.The event brings together snowmobilers from across Canada and the United States, whose talents extend beyond the slopes.READ MORE: Cold temperatures can still mean unsafe ice: Winnipeg firefighters, paramedics“We build our own snowmobiles specifically for my height, my weight, my driving style. We bend our own handlebars and tunnels and do all of our own painting,” says Nick Van Strydonk, a racer from Tomahawk, Wisconsin.After two days full of races, the championship heats will take place on Sunday.WATCH: Snowcross racers soar at the Lindsay Exhibition fairgrounds