Convicted Winnipeg letter-bomber to be sentenced in November

Convicted letter bomber Guido Amsel will soon learn how long he can expect to be in prison.Amsel was found guilty in May on a number of charges in relation to bombs sent by mail in 2015, and another sent in 2013 meant to kill his ex-wife.His sentencing hearing was delayed when he fired his old lawyers after his conviction.READ MORE: Sentencing hearing scheduled for Winnipeg man convicted of sending letter bombsAmsel was back in court on Wednesday.The Crown began by asking for a life sentence with no parole eligibility for ten years.Maria Mitousis, who was the target of one of the bombs sent in July 2015, explained the toll the incident has taken on her life.Mitousis lost her right hand when the letter bomb addressed to her detonated.READ MORE: Bombing victim Maria Mitousis relives life-altering explosion at Guido Amsel trial“I never imagined I would be in this place,” Mitousis begins as she addresses the courtroom. She says writing about the crimes has been more difficult than she expected, but she feels it’s her duty as a lawyer to do this.— Diana Foxall (@CJOBdiana) October 3, 2018
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Mitousis said she is worried about her left hand, and hopes it doesn’t weaken as she gets older.She called Amsel a coward multiple times, and said while she’s open to forgiveness, now is not that time as he has not accepted responsibility for his crimes nor expressed remorse.She was the only one to provide a victim impact statement, and despite being a lawyer, she said writing the statement was much harder than she anticipated — but she felt it was her duty to do so.“After this is over, I will forget him,” she said.The Winnipeg lawyer said now, she tries to get on with her daily life and is back to working full time.WATCH: Guido Amsel found guilty on multiple counts of attempted murder