Cross-border Manitoba Hydro project approved by federal government

The federal government has approved a $453 million Manitoba Hydro transmission line to Minnesota.The Manitoba-Minnesota Transmission Project – the subject of debate between the province and Ottawa for months – will see locally-produced hydroelectricity sent across the border.The project will include the Dorsey Interprovincial Power Line, a 213 km, 500 kilovolt power line that will cross the border near Piney, Man., as well as modifications to a pair of existing lines.Story continues below

READ MORE: PUB grants Manitoba Hydro 2.5 per cent increase, after asking for 3.5 per cent“Canadians understand that a clean, modern, and resilient electricity network helps fight climate change and transition to a lower carbon economy,” said natural resources minister Amarjeet Sohi.“The Manitoba-Minnesota Transmission Project achieves these goals while enhancing the competitiveness of our electricity market and creating good, middle class jobs.”The government has also instructed the National Energy Board (NEB) to amend five project conditions amid concerns raised by Indigenous groups during the consultation process.The #GoC approves Manitoba-Minnesota Transmission project to grow the economy and protect the environment— GC Newsroom (@NewsroomGC) June 14, 2019
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