Data shows drop in incidents, visitors at Millennium Library since screening measures introduced

The number of incidents at Winnipeg’s Millennium Library has dropped since new security measures were implemented earlier this year, but so have the number of visitors.A new report submitted to City Hall shows the number of incidents is down nearly 65 per cent since the security measures were introduced.There were 230 incidents in the four months prior to screening (Nov. 2018-Feb. 2019) and just 81 incidents in a four-month period following the security changes (March-June 2019).Story continues below

READ MORE: Line-ups greet patrons as library implements new security proceduresBut the number of people coming to the library has also dropped — by almost 32 per cent.From January to June of 2018, 854,942 people entered the doors, but in that same time frame in 2019, 582,159 visited the library.The changes were introduced on February 25, requiring all visitors to go through a bag check and metal detection done via a hand-held wand.Since then, 256 items have been confiscated by security including saw blades, hatchets, knives, box cutters, mallets, hand saws and a crack pipe.Enhancing library securityA report to be presented to the protection, community services, and parks committee at City Hall on Sept. 9 recommends enhancements to the security measures including:An expansion of the Community Crisis Worker team to continue building relationships with people who visit the library;Providing additional non-violent crisis intervention, mental health first aid and substance;Use awareness training for front line staff;Installing directional gates and sensor panels to speed up the screening process and
reduce the need for handheld scanning
RELATED: Read-in participants protest against security measuresThe Millennium for All group against the security measures is planning to hold a “Shush In at City Hall” on Sept. 9, the day the report is presented, where they plan on shushing during any parts of the report they disagree with.WATCH: Security screening at library reducing crime