Deadliest year in a decade for train and vehicle crashes in Manitoba: RCMP

In the past decade, 18 people have lost their lives in crashes at rail crossings in Manitoba, according to data from RCMP.So far, 2019 has been the deadliest over that decade with three crashes killing four people.READ MORE: Train drags pickup truck down bridge, killing two Manitoba seniorsOn Monday evening, two seniors lost their lives at the rail crossing in Headingley when their truck was struck by a train.“These people were residents of the area so I believe they were heading east, the lights would have been flashing at the time, indicating the train was approaching. We don’t know yet why they didn’t stop or their reason for continuing through,” RCMP Sgt. Paul Manaigre said.

RCMP were called to a crash between a train and a vehicle in Headingley Monday afternoon.

RCMP were called to a crash between a train and a vehicle in Headingley Monday afternoon.Submitted/Justin Young
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Manitoba Public Insurance says one in every 10 times a train hits a vehicle in the province it’s fatal.“You want to give yourself a lot of space between the train and yourself. Trains don’t stop quickly and they don’t stop easily and trains always have the right of way,” MPI spokesperson Brian Smiley said.Smiley says people need to be extra cautious around uncontrolled intersections when there aren’t arms stopping your car from travelling through.“Safety has to be paramount here so if you’re approaching a rail crossing and there’s no control arms, no flashing lights, you’re going to come to a stop and ensure and look both ways to ensure nothing is coming,” he said.WATCH: A train and a vehicle crashed in Headingley