Decision 2019: The inside story with Richard Cloutier

The Brian Pallister victory was thorough and his victory for the Progressive Conservatives shows the party is strong not only in rural Manitoba but suburban Winnipeg.Key suburban ridings won in 2016 stuck with Pallister in Decision Manitoba 2019.If Winnipeg is a dart board, the ridings on the edge of the city continued to turn Tory.This has already been established in southwest Winnipeg for several elections but in the vote-rich ridings of Riel, Seine River and Southdale, the PCs prevailed this time around too.Story continues below

Same story in the north and northeast where redistribution of Manitoba ridings has married the wealthier areas of East and West St. Paul to neighbourhood growth in the city’s north and northeast.It means more votes for Progressive Conservatives and likely why Shannon Martin (PC) won McPhillips.READ MORE: Progressive Conservatives win majority government in Manitoba electionThis trend almost prevailed in Transcona where the NDP margin of victory was only 125 votes.David McLaughlin, campaign manager for the Pallister campaign, says a key promise to solidifying that vote is to reduce the reliance of education on property taxes.For suburban homeowners, taxes matter, and McLaughlin says it was a key to the campaign now and for holding those seats in the years to come.View link »