Determined St. James cat owner spends big bucks searching for beloved kitty

Since Druelle Behrens’ beloved cat went missing eight months ago, she’s spent more than $1,000 trying to find her.Sage, a 12-year-old gray and white cat with a charcoal nose, slipped out the door of Behrens’ apartment near Moray Street last August and never returned.Behrens describes Sage as a personable, lovable cat who enjoyed days spent at the spa. Sage liked baths and getting her paws painted bright pink. Sage is also accustomed to the outdoors and loved bike rides and going for walks, said Behrens.Story continues below

READ MORE: After disappearing a year earlier, Alberta cat reunited with ownersSince August, Behrens has continued to expand her search for her kitty.She’s put up more than 50 signs in the St. James area, distributed more than 1,000 flyers, bought advertisements in newspapers across Manitoba, and even hired a pet detective, she said.“I made Sage a Facebook page and have active ads on Facebook. We’ve done Coffee News Winnipeg and Kijiji. I’ve gone to every vet clinic in the city twice now. It seems to be quite typical that cats come back, so I am hopeful,” she said.The Facebook page ‘Help Get Sage Home’, which was created in January, has 163 likes as of publication.“The community has been incredible. I’ve had hundreds of calls from all over the city. People know she’s missing.”She has received more than 300 potential Sage spottings, but the cat hasn’t been found, she said.20150418_181310Sage enjoys getting her paws painted at the kitty spa.Druelle Behrens/Submitted20180605_193459Sage is the queen of Pride Rock.Druelle Behrens/SubmittedIMG_4256Sage the cat in a box, like a good kitty.Druelle Behrens/SubmittedSage fruitSage the cat poses next to a dragonfruit.Druelle Behrens/Submitted11116764_1563980463891125_1733308689_nSage also enjoys car rides.Druelle Behrens/SubmittedBehrens has spent more than $1,000 on the search, but she plans to continue looking until she finds out what happened to her cherished pet.“I don’t have a time limit – I’ve said maybe 10 years. I’m even thinking someone has her inside or unaware that she’s missing. We just have to find the right person.”But, Beherns said she’s also prepared for the worst.“I am definitely aware that Sage could have passed. I know that a lot could have happened since she went missing.”Grief processPeople who lose pets can go through normal grief cycles, according to Don Bowles, Winnipeg Humane Society volunteer pet loss and grief counsellor.Losing a pet is like losing a family member, Bowles said.“People may go through emotional swings, excessive emotional reactions, anger, loneliness and depressed moods.”Winnipeg Humane Society’s pet loss support line offers over-the-phone therapy to people dealing with the loss of a pet. Bowles said the four volunteer counsellors have received crisis training though Klinic.He said some people just need an opportunity to talk through their loss and to be reminded to get back into a normal routine.“In time, people get over these very intense emotional feelings. The good memories you had with your pet – that’s what you want to remember,” he said.RELATED: Adopt a Pal: Kitty from the Winnipeg Humane Society