Drivers beware: It’s deer collision season in Manitoba

Drivers beware: the worst time of year for vehicle-deer collisions is almost upon us, according to Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI).MPI’s Brian Smiley told 680 CJOB that October and November – the rutting season – sees the most accidents involving wildlife.“There are on average about 6,500 vehicle-deer collisions yearly in our province,” said Smiley.“We have a number of hot spots and the city of Winnipeg, particularly in the Charleswood area, is a hot spot.”Story continues below

Smiley said the area around Sturgeon Road and Saskatchewan Avenue is another hot spot because of the wide-open fields.READ MORE: Eastman region tops Manitoba for vehicle-deer collisionsIf you do encounter a deer on the road, he said, your safest bet isn’t to swerve out of the way.“Your natural reaction is going to be to swerve, but you don’t want to swerve. You want to apply your brakes and drive through the animal.“Swerving can possibly put you into the path of another vehicle, you may lose control, you may put yourself or other drivers at risk.MPI’s advice if an animal crosses the highway:Dim your headlights – your brights may cause a deer to freeze on the road.Slow down and be prepared to stop.Blow your horn to scare the animal away.Avoid hard swerving – you may lose control or crash into another vehicle.Brake firmly to reduce the impact between an animal and your vehicle.WATCH: Deer attacked by dogs in Westwood has neighbours on edge