Friends celebrate Winnipeg plane crash victim’s life at riverbank gathering

A young environmental activist who was killed in a tragic Ethiopian plane crash will be remembered Thursday night by her friends in Winnipeg.Danielle Moore, 24, was one of the 18 Canadian victims of Sunday’s disaster, which resulted in the deaths of all 157 people on board.READ MORE: Ethiopian Airlines crash: Witness says plane trailed smoke before impact
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Moore, who had been accepted to become a teacher shortly before the flight, was originally from Scarborough, Ont., but had made Winnipeg her home.Her friend Kluane Buser-Rivet told 680 CJOB that Moore was thriving in the city.“There’s an expression that you’re supposed to ‘bloom where you’re planted’, and that was Danielle in a nutshell,” she said.“Danielle was my best friend in Winnipeg, and everyone who knew her remembered her as a joyous person who was involved, who cared, who was passionate.“She was involved in a number of local organizations, mainly around the environment and water protection. She was engaged, she was caring, and she was an excellent, excellent friend.”READ MORE: Ethiopian plane crash victim living in Winnipeg hoped to be a teacher, says friendBuser-Rivet said she designed a memorial ritual that will be celebrated Thursday night by Moore’s friends in more than 20 cities around the globe. The Winnipeg gathering takes place at 7 p.m. in Bonnycastle Park, where friends will be celebrating Moore’s life by the riverbank.Moore would want to be remembered with art, music and community, said Buser-Rivet, so attendees will be creating a piece of nature art by the river.“I don’t think grief is meant to be felt alone … and this ritual is a testament to how much community [Danielle] had all around the world.“She would ask us, I think, to gather, take care of ourselves, deliver soup at our friends’ houses, and to hug each other tightly.”WATCH: ‘I had no idea!’ Passengers shocked to learn they flew on Boeing 737 Max 8 to Winnipeg