Gas prices drop in Winnipeg – but don’t expect it to stay

Manitobans filling up their vehicle may notice a cheaper price on their receipt than normal.According to gas-price-tracking website GasBuddy Manitoba holds first place for having the cheapest fuel in Canada. In Winnipeg, prices sit at fourth in the country.READ MORE: Gasoline prices in most of Canada set to rise this weekend: energy analystWinnipeg residents will see prices at the pump near the mid-80 cents per litre mark.Manitoba also sits second in the country with the biggest price change from last year, while Ontario sits first.READ MORE: Trudeau’s carbon tax on gas won’t motivate Canadians to switch to fuel-efficient transportation: Ipsos pollThat’s due to plunging oil prices over the past two months, according to fuel experts at GasBuddy.Worries of an economic downturn, a U.S.-China trading tiff and concerns that members of the OPEC oil cartel won’t live up to production cuts influenced the price cuts.

Gas prices in Winnipeg on Dec. 28, 2019.

Gas prices in Winnipeg on Dec. 28, 2019.Global NewsThe lowest average price last year in Winnipeg was 82.3 cents in July.But the company says motorists should fuel soon, as prices are on the rise for the weekend.
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