Huge art piece by internationally recognized artist sets up at The Forks

You may think you’re seeing double, or even triple, but it’s actually the newest art installation at The Forks.“Forever Bicycles” is a 30-foot art piece using 1,254 bicycles by internationally renowned artist and political dissident Ai Weiwei.“Public art is something we’ve always championed at The Forks,” says Clare MacKay, executive director of The Forks Foundation.“It’s an amazing piece, but what makes it even better is his connection and our connection to human rights.“The reason it is where it is is because we wanted it to be in view of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.”

Ai Weiwei’s piece “Forever Bicycles” setting up at The Forks.

Ai Weiwei’s piece “Forever Bicycles” setting up at The Forks.Richard CloutierThanks to a generous donation, the piece will stay at the CN Field for two years, with a possible extension to three years.WATCH: Wall art project showing positive early results