‘If it wasn’t for him, I’d be dead’: Homeless beating victim meets the man who saved him

On Oct. 13, a homeless person was attacked by two young men as he tried to sleep in a bus shelter across from Polo Park. Another man, who was at a nearby fast food restaurant for a late night snack, saw what was happening, stepped in and was also beaten.Friday, the homeless man, who asked to be called Amick, and the Good Samaritan, Doug Thomas, met face to face.Global News was there for the reunion.READ MORE: Winnipeg man viciously beaten defending homeless person at bus stop
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At a pre-arranged meeting place, Doug walked up to Amick and the two men shared a hearty handshake. The pair then shared their memories of the night they became forever connected.“I just kind of leaned over my tarp and noticed two people and thought nothing of it, then I heard them say ‘let’s sing him a lullaby before we do this’,” Amick said.He immediately started to get up and that’s when the two men started to attack.Thomas said he was waiting for food at the Tylehurst Street A&W when he saw the beating taking place in the bus shelter. As he tried to intervene, the two men turned on him. He was beaten so viciously he nearly lost his left eye.While recovering from surgery, Thomas couldn’t help but think of the mysterious homeless man who ran off before the two could speak.“I’ve been wondering how he’s been doing, I’ve always wondered if he’s okay,” Thomas said.Thomas finally got the opportunity to meet the man he saved, Amick, Nov. 16.READ MORE: Good Samaritan rewarded for breaking up assault in WinnipegFor Amick, meeting the man he says risked life and limb to help a stranger, was exciting, overwhelming, surreal.“I was feeling a lot of anxiety even knowing that I was coming to see him today, but once I saw him I was really calm.”WATCH: Winnipeg man saved from bus shelter beating grateful ‘forever’