Know your cannabis limits: New Manitoba campaign launched days away from marijuana legalization

A second campaign has been unveiled to educate Manitobans on safer cannabis use with marijuana legalization just days away.Five new messages make up the ‘Know My Cannabis Limits’ campaign.“This campaign encourages responsible, safe, and lawful practices for adults who choose to use cannabis,” Manitoba justice minister Cliff Cullen said.The messages Manitobans will soon be seeing on a number of platforms include:Cannabis and alcohol don’t mix – If you choose to use, pick only one.Not everyone uses cannabis – You don’t need to try it just because it’s legal.Look at total THC – Lower-risk dried cannabis products have less than 10 per cent total THC.Cannabis edibles take time – It can take up to two hours to feel the effects. Start with a small amount and wait. While the sale of edible products won’t be legal Oct. 17, it is anticipated many people will make their own at home.Go slowly – Cannabis effects vary by how it’s used and how much THC is in it.

Messages as part of the “Know my Cannabis Limits” campaign.

Messages as part of the “Know my Cannabis Limits” campaign.Kevin Hirschfield/Global News
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“We know that about 20 percent of Manitobans have told us they’ve used cannabis in the past year or so, but a further 20 per cent may plan on it (for the first time) once legalized,” Elizabeth Stephenson, LGCA chief administrative officer said.This comes after their first campaign, which was titled the Can’s and Cant’s of cannabis.READ MORE: Province launches new cannabis campaign ahead of October legalizationThey say they’ve been pleasantly surprised with how those messages have been received and say they’ve used similar techniques for this next campaign.These messages will appear on social media, billboards, transit buses, and poster ads in strategic locations.Public edibles ban?Cullen also said the government is currently considering expanding its ban on smoking cannabis in public to include banning cannabis edibles in public.Some other provinces have said they will ban all forms of pot consumption when recreational cannabis becomes legal Wednesday.Manitoba’s law so far is specific to smoking or vaping.WATCH: As pot legalization looms, concerns remain about drug-impaired driving