Less younger people drinking alcohol due to ‘more awareness’ says local imitation drink vendor

Younger people are drinking less alcohol than they used to.

Statistics from the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority show as of 2022, 16 per cent of 18- to 24-year-old Manitobans were more likely to report drinking alcohol less often since the pandemic.

By contrast, 25 per cent of 25- to 35-year-olds were more likely to report drinking more.

Jessie Halliburton, co-founder of the Sobr Market, said while her store sees a wide variety of people filter through, she’s seeing more younger folks swing by.

“A lot of it is, ‘Yeah, I’m going out, but I’m the driver.’ Or ‘Yeah, I’m going out, but I want to be the one looking after my friend.’ Or ‘I just, don’t like it,’” she said.

The latest health and medical news emailed to you every Sunday.
The latest health and medical news emailed to you every Sunday.

For some of them, it’s an experiment, but others are serious about the switch, she said.

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“There’s been a lot more awareness in the last few years,” Halliburton said, referencing recommendations by the Canadian Cancer Society.

“More and more individuals are starting to put together the relationship between their mental health, their sleep, how their hormone function, and their overall wellbeing,” she said. “So, I think more individuals are really looking for ways to thrive, and removing alcohol is one.”

Halliburton noted it was one of the key things she did in her life.

“I’m not saying it’s a simple task. It’s not. That’s where having these alternatives do assist with social drinking,” she said.

For St. Patrick’s day, which is just around the corner, she said the Sobr Market has a variety of imitation drinks available to celebrate with.

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