Man seen on controversial Winnipeg arrest video sentenced to 30 days

A man seen on viral video being kicked by Winnipeg police during his arrest in June has been sentenced to 30 days behind bars.

The video of Flinn Dorian, 33, being arrested spread quickly online last month and sparked a conversation about police use of force in the city.

It shows Dorian laying face down on the ground struggling with police when one officer delivers two kicks to his arm. He’s then seen being hit by an officer’s stun gun and placed in handcuffs.

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Critics called the kicks excessive, while the police said it was necessary to keep him from reaching for a knife in his waistband.

Dorian ultimately pleaded guilty to four charges on June 30: mischief over $5,000, possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose, causing a disturbance, and assault.

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The assault charge was related to a domestic incident in May which was making its way through the court system, and for which he received time served.

As part of his probation orders following his release, Dorian will also need to attend counselling for addictions, according to his lawyer, James Wood, who added his willingness to attend treatment was one of the factors in his sentence.

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“Also the fact that his common-law partner was advocating for him and really wanting to support him in every way she could, that was the other factor,” Wood said.

“And his aboriginal background, just his upbringing was pretty traumatic; some of the things he was going through, and some of the traumatic events that had triggered his substance abuse. Those were all factors that I believe were taken into account.”

Dorian was arrested after people phoned police to report a man was brandishing a gun on the sidewalk, which was later found to be an airsoft pistol.

Prior to this, he had caused over $10,000 worth of damage by fracturing a granite slab and using a brick to smash a window at the Centennial Concert Hall.

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According to Dorian’s lawyer, he’ll likely be released before the end of July with good behaviour.

Winnipeg police show different angle to controversial arrest video

Winnipeg police show different angle to controversial arrest video

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