Manitoba animal lover looking to help mother goose and her goslings

A mother goose and her unhatched eggs have made a home in the Scotiabank parking lot in Bridgewater.READ MORE: Canada goose wintering at Winnipeg car washRoxanne Friesen is a self proclaimed animal lover and has been visiting the goose for a few weeks.“I mean, she’s not going to get off her nest because she’s already laid her eggs, so she’s nesting and that’s where it all began,” she said.“For the past two weeks I come here every day and give her water.”

Goose sitting in a Brisgewater parking lot

Goose sitting in a Brisgewater parking lotAlison MacKinnon/ Global News
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Friesen says the goose’s mate was killed by a passing car and now won’t move until her babies have hatched. Along with Friesen, other members of a Facebook group are hoping to get the mother and her eggs moved so they won’t be hurt.“I’ve tried to call the wildlife conservatory to see if they would come out and, you know, help me in some way to move her or keep an eye on her until these goslings are hatched and they refused,” Friesen said.READ MORE: When a Canada Goose attacks you: Watch for bobbing heads and listen for the hissin’She’s hoping that by giving the goose more attention, people will know to slow down in that area.“I know that she’ll come back here next year to the same spot, because that’s what they do, but at least for now [we want] to save those goslings, because there’s no way that she’s going to make it walking with eight to 10 little goslings behind her,” Friesen said.Until the baby goslings hatch, Friesen says she’ll continue to make sure the mother has plenty of food and water.WATCH: Canada goose egg addling underway again in the Okanagan