Manitoba butterfly fan thrilled at appearance of caterpillars after years without

A Manitoba woman who has been raising and releasing monarch butterflies for almost two decades said she’d almost given up until a ‘miracle’ this year led to dozens of caterpillars suddenly appearing.“I think we all love butterflies and we’re all fascinated, no matter what age, when we see them in a park or in our yard,” Yvonne Sharples told 680 CJOB.Sharples said she and her husband first attempted to encourage butterflies to take up residence in her back yard 20 years ago, but after a few failed attempts, she came up with a DIY solution.“I converted an old birdcage, wrapped some netting around it, and brought them into my house,” she said.“And lo and behold if they didn’t go into chrysalis, and a couple of weeks later, I had these beautiful pristine boys and girls that I started releasing.”View link »