Manitoba Liberals promise to make knee and hip replacements more affordable if elected

The Manitoba Liberals are promising to end rationing surrounding knee and hip replacements.Leader Dougald Lamont says he will also aim to improve wait times for hip and knee surgeries.READ MORE: Manitoba Liberals reveal plan for arts and culture“Manitoba Liberals will end the practice of rationing care, get people joint replacements more quickly, and restore physiotherapy so people can recover faster,” said Lamont.Story continues below

Lamont described his party’s vision as a “patient-based” funding model for the procedures going forward.If elected, the Liberals will also boost coverage for outpatient physiotherapy, he said.READ MORE: Manitoba Liberals promise $7M fund to help communities with soil contamination“Good physiotherapy speeds recovery from surgery and in some cases can even prevent surgery. Our goal is to get people back on their feet and mobile as soon as we can,” says Lamont.Manitobans will head to the polls on Sept. 10th.WATCH: Manitoba Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont on 680 CJOB