Manitoba Liberals promise to overhaul provincial infrastructure plan

If elected, the Manitoba Liberals are planning to take a new approach when it comes to infrastructure funding.“The highway deficit alone is estimated to be at $6-billion and the total infrastructure deficit is estimated at $15-billion after decades of under investment by the PC’s and the NDP alike.” said a Liberal spokesperson in a news release, sent out Sunday morning.Story continues below

READ MORE: Manitoba Liberals promise to build more housing, fund programs for seniorsThe Liberals say they’ll create a 10-year strategic infrastructure plan to “prioritize urgent and high-return-on-investment infrastructure projects,”That plan includes creating strategic economic infrastructure geared towards lowering costs for Manitoba families.They said upgrading Highway 75, the road at the Border near Emerson and the highway from the Pas to Saskatchewan will be a part of their infrastructure plan.READ MORE: Manitoba Liberals promise to make knee and hip replacements easier to get if electedIn the release, the Liberals say they’ll make accessible infrastructure by ensuring that accessibility is “baked in” to new builds.“We will also pay for accessibility upgrades including schools, public buildings, and businesses,” says Manitoba Liberal Leader, Dougald Lamont.“We will encourage the retrofitting of existing schools and buildings by having the province pay for 100% of renovations in K-12 schools,” Lamont continued.WATCH: Manitoba Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont on 680 CJOB