Manitoba man faces big fines after driving with baby seat balanced on car’s console

A driver is facing almost $1,700 in fines and had his vehicle towed after being caught by Manitoba RCMP driving under extremely dangerous conditions.Police said a baby’s carseat was sitting on the console at the front of the vehicle rather than being properly, safely restrained in the back. A 13-year-old passenger was also in the vehicle without a seatbelt.READ MORE: Buckle up: RCMP, MPI say many Manitoba drivers still not using seatbeltsThe 46-year-old driver failed to show police his license, and RCMP discovered that the vehicle was unregistered and uninsured.This baby’s carseat was just sitting on the console & could have been ejected in a collision. 46yo driver also had a 13yo passenger w/o a seatbelt, unregistered, uninsured vehicle & failed to produce his license = $1679 fines. Vehicle towed. #noexcuses #rcmpmb— RCMP Manitoba (@rcmpmb) September 20, 2019
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