Manitoba NDP reveals plan to battle provinces meth, addictions crisis

Manitoba’s official opposition party has released a 22-page report aimed at tackling meth use and other addictions in the province.The NDP released the doccument called “’We Have to Start Here’: Addressing the Root Causes of Manitoba’s Addictions Crisis and Reducing Harm from Problematic Meth Use” on Thursday, bringing forward a number of recommendations to Manitoba’s Progressive Conservative government.Story continues below

“We see firsthand the impacts of meth use, from increased violent crime and outbreaks of blood-borne infections,” NDP leader Wab Kinew said in a release.READ MORE: On the front lines of Winnipeg’s meth crisis“But it is important to understand this is part of a long term addictions crisis Manitoba is facing. After listening to experts we are proposing real solutions to help Manitoba families.”The NDP said the report surveyed physicians, law enforcement and front-line service organizations, but could not confirm how many people we’re actually spoken to.