Manitoba speeder caught in construction zone en route to ‘church’ faces $2,700 fine

A Manitoba driver facing massive fines after an incident Thursday on Highway 16 may be praying a little harder after seeing his traffic ticket.Police said the driver – who blasted through a manned construction zone in a minivan travelling at 161 km/h – gave officers the excuse of being late for church.Manitoba RCMP handed down a fine of $2,694, as well as a serious offence notice, which means a licence review with Manitoba Public Insurance.READ MORE: Manitoba driver dinged $2,092 for speeding in construction zoneIn June, RCMP said a driver fined just over $2,000 was the largest fine for construction zone speeding to date. The driver in that case was travelling 78 km/h over the limit.Claiming he was late for church, a 25yo was excessively speeding @ 161kmh in a minivan yesterday, in a clearly marked 60kmh construction zone on #MBHwy16 & continued to speed within the zone, while workers were present. Fined $2694 + Serious Offence Notice. #noexcuses #rcmpmb— RCMP Manitoba (@rcmpmb) September 13, 2019
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