Manitobans satisfied with hospital stays: CIHI survey

Almost two-thirds of Canadians have no complaints about their last hospital stay.That’s according to CIHI, the Canadian Institute for Health Information, who have released the results of a first-of-its-kind national survey about patients’ hospital experiences.CIHI’s study asked patients in several provinces – including Manitoba – how they felt about their hospital experience. A total of 62 per cent of patients across the country rated their overall hospital experience as very good.Story continues below

In Manitoba, that number was a little higher at 64 per cent. Twenty-three per cent rated their experience as good, and 13 per cent said it was poor.READ MORE: New ‘clinical services plan’ streamlines healthcare, says Manitoba government“I think we’re really excited, because it’s the first time we’re able to report this data,” CIHI’s Jeanie Lacroix told 680 CJOB.“It’s important to look at this from a system level. While we want to have all patients have a great patient experience, this is a great start for the system to understand where we stand and where we need to focus improvements in the future.”Lacroix said the report highlighted where the system is working, as well as some sore spots for patients, including post-hospital care.Forty per cent of those surveyed, she said, indicated that they didn’t receive enough information on what to do after leaving hospital, including instructions on medication.“I think there’s a lot of great results in the report, and it’s a starting point,” she said.“When we talk about co-ordination of care, there’s room for the system to improve. About half the patients felt that communication between health care providers can be improved.”More than 90,000 Canadians participated in the survey across five provinces, including more than 10,000 Manitobans.“We’re very excited to be able to collect this data on a pan-Canadian level,” said Lacroix.“The five provinces have been administering this survey, and now we’re able to report these results to help inform that overall quality of care. It’s important to reflect that patient voice.”NEW: A first look at what patients felt was communicated and shared at different stages throughout their #hospitalstay. #ptexp #patientexperience— CIHI_ICIS (@CIHI_ICIS) April 17, 2019
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