Mayor Bowman challenges competitors to reveal in-depth tax plans

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman is challenging his competitors to reveal their tax plans, claiming Winnipeg’s infrastructure could be at risk under a new mayor.Bowman held a press conference on Friday — three weeks from voting day — warning of what he calls a threat to “Winnipeg’s historic road renewal program”.Bowman says the six-year $976 million road renewal program is at risk under new leadership.Story continues below

READ MORE: Winnipeg votes Oct. 24: who will be on your ballotMost of the program’s money comes from property tax hikes, which Bowman has already committed to if elected for a second term.It’s city revenue Bowman says could be gone under a new mayor.He believes, with no other candidate having pledged to stick with the program if they are elected, there is no sure way to know whether they will keep it or scrap it.“The first commitment I made was on property tax increases, and all the other campaign commitments I’ve made to date are costed and funding sources are clearly identified,” Bowman said. “That hasn’t been the case with other candidates.”READ MORE: Bowman the heavy favourite in Winnipeg mayoral race: Political scientistsBowman’s main challenger, meanwhile, is promising to share more details about her tax plan Oct. 11.Jenny Motkaluk wouldn’t say on Friday if her plan will include cuts or freezes, but she did say it’s one Winnipeggers will embrace.WATCH: Mayoral candidate says Bowman tax question was targeted