Mike’s Monday Outlook: cool and damp – but at least there’s no more snow

Monday morning, many in southern Manitoba woke up to a blanket of snow. Some areas got more than others.While the snow was light in Winnipeg, around other parts of southern Manitoba, CoCoRaHS sites registered some significant snowfall totals:Miami – 12.7 cmMorden – 9.7 cmWhiteshell – 71. cmBoissevain – 5.1 cmSte Anne – 5.1 cmMaryfield – 3.0 cmVibank – 2.8 cmGardenton – 2 cmVirden – 2 cmSteinbach – 1.5 cmQuite a bit of snow was registered south of the border as well.Here is our estimated snow map from overnight last night to this morning. #ndwx #mnwx pic.twitter.com/B9TiUJz9OS— NWS Grand Forks (@NWSGrandForks) April 29, 2019
Here’s some good news if you aren’t a fan of seeing snow in late April — it doesn’t look like we’ll see more snow this week. Here’s some bad news if you’re a fan of warmer weather like what we enjoy prior to the weekend — it’s going to be cool this week.Story continues below

Generally, low pressure will linger around southern Manitoba all week. The south will also miss the brunt of another significant system south of the border. Low pressure developing around Colorado will head towards the Great Lakes. Special Weather Statements have already been issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada around parts of Ontario where some communities are expecting another 20-40 mm of rain beginning Wednesday morning into Thursday. Some of these communities are dealing with significant flooding already.That same system will likely bring some precipitation to southern Manitoba but instead of a deluge, there will likely be scattered showers later Wednesday.This will not be the end of the precipitation this week. Thursday and Friday will also likely be damp. Weather models as of Monday have Winnipeg’s potential rainfall accumulation on Friday around 10 mm at the high end. Others have totals for the week closer to 5 mm.As far as when we can expect to warm up, next week temperatures should start to get closer to normal once again.

Winnipeg\’s 5 day forecast from April 29, 2019.

Winnipeg\’s 5 day forecast from April 29, 2019.Global NewsGet daily local headlines and alerts