Mike’s Monday Outlook: Summer heat hits in mid-September

What a difference a week makes. Last week was cool and rainy and now it’s like we’re transported back to the middle of July.From Sept. 7 to Sept.13, temperatures in Winnipeg were cool and below normal. We also finished the week with our most significant rain event of the month.

Rain totals in Winnipeg through Sept. 2019.

Rain totals in Winnipeg through Sept. 2019.Global NewsOver the weekend, temperatures started to rise and lead into a week where heat and humidex values will be reminiscent of July and August.

Winnipeg’s temperatures through Sept. 15, 2019.

Winnipeg’s temperatures through Sept. 15, 2019.Global NewsTemperatures were on the rise as a result of a ridge of high-pressure building in the south.Monday, low pressure now sits near the Rocky Mountains helping to draw in warm air along with elevated humidex values. Humidity levels will be in the low to mid-30s on Monday and closer to the high 30s on Tuesday.As this system moves into southern Manitoba around the middle of the week, temperatures will moderate somewhat, and also bring with it some scattered precipitation.Story continues below

The potential for rain in the middle of the week will not be as significant as the potential for rain at the end of the week. Winnipeg has already had two significant rain events, could this be number three? As of Monday this weekend looks like it could be the rainiest yet.Looking at the five-day forecast, while day time high temperatures will be more than 10 C higher than normal, they will likely fall short of the records for highest temperatures on Sept. 16 and Sept. 17. Records could be broken in the daily minimum category, though.Winnipeg and other parts of southern Manitoba may break some records with the warmest daily minimum temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday. With a minimum temperature of 19 C forecasted for Sept. 17, it would break the record from 1946 of 17.8 C.Wednesday morning’s forecasted temperature of 20 C could also break the record for Sept. 18 of 15.6 C set in 1955 so there’s still potential to break some records, just not in the conventional way with a hot afternoon but rather with a warm morning.

Winnipeg’s five day forecast for the week of Sept. 16, 2019.

Winnipeg’s five day forecast for the week of Sept. 16, 2019.Global NewsAlso just for fun if I can pump our weather tires for a second, here is the seven-day forecast you may have seen on Global News on Tuesday, Sept 10, 2019. Always trust the weatherman 😉

Winnipeg’s seven-day forecast from Sept. 10, 2019.

Winnipeg’s seven-day forecast from Sept. 10, 2019.Global News  Get daily local headlines and alerts