Millennials uninterested in gambling

New reports from lottery agencies point to a declining number of lottery players, especially within millennials.Kelley Main, a professor at the University of Manitoba, says millennials already have a lot of options for entertainment, and buying lotto tickets isn’t the popular choice.READ MORE: This millennial is making $560K a month playing a video game on Twitch — here’s howMain says people in that age group expect a high degree of interactivity and a fast pace when they spend their money.Lottery agencies across Canada say they’re using new technology, such as interactive lottery terminals and online lottery games, to keep up with millennials’ interests.READ MORE: What to do if you know someone struggling with drugs, alcohol or gambling addictionIn many provinces, lottery terminals at corner stores are going high-tech and interactive.Provinces are also revamping lottery terminals at retail outlets to allow players to check their numbers and get information rapidly on a screen.
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