‘Moral blameworthiness’: Judge in Humboldt Broncos case outlines reasons for 8-year sentence

A judge who sentenced the semi-driver in the Humboldt Broncos crash said she found Jaskirat Singh Sidhu’s “moral blameworthiness to be high.”READ MORE: Truck driver in Humboldt Broncos bus crash sentenced to 8 years in prisonProvincial court Judge Inez Cardinal sentenced Sidhu to eight years in prison on Friday, nearly a year after 16 people were killed and 13 others injured in the rural Saskatchewan crash.In her decision, Cardinal said she found it “baffling and incomprehensible” that Sidhu could miss several markers before driving through a stop sign, and colliding with the hockey team’s van.The #HumboldtBroncos organization says it “is thankful that this legal matter has been resolved and that Mr. Sidhu is being held to account for his careless actions on April 6, 2018.” pic.twitter.com/eYWb1r4OJn— Ryan Kessler (@RyanKGlobal) March 22, 2019
“His inattention displays risky behaviour given he saw the signs but they did not register because he continued to focus on the trailers behind him,” she said.“I find Mr. Sidhu’s moral blameworthiness to be high, especially considering his prolonged inattentiveness while operating a large, loaded semi and the tragic consequences that flowed from his actions.”WATCH: Humboldt case sentencing fits with Crown’s submission