New NDP ads call Manitoba premier Pallister an (expletive deleted)

Negative campaign ads are nothing new in politics, but there’s something new to the provincial campaign this year: salty language in a political advertisement.Some new ads for Manitoba’s NDP feature a woman who appears to be about to call Premier Brian Pallister a bad name, before traffic noise drowns her out.READ MORE: A troubled past and attacks from opponents have not deterred Manitoba NDP leader
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Manitoba NDP leader Wab Kinew told 680 CJOB it’s all in good fun – but that there’s a real message aside from just the naughty language, he adds.“We’re having a little fun with it. For sure we are,” he said.“But at the end of the day, we’re highlighting ideas that are important in the campaign – let’s fix our roads, let’s fix our healthcare.”Pallister’s Progressive Conservatives have also slung mud at their opponents and at Kinew in particular, with social media ads attacking the NDP leader on his troubled past.WATCH: Winnipeg Political Analyst breaks down Provincial election platforms