New year, new rules, new fees: Here’s what’s changing in Manitoba in 2019

As many of us look back on 2018, it’s time to start looking at what’s ahead in 2019 — a year that will see some wallet-hitting changes coming in Manitoba.Carbon taxIt was in October when Premier Brian Pallister and the Manitoba government pulled out of a plan to charge a carbon tax, in response to the federal government “not respecting” the Manitoba plan to charge a flat rate of $25-per-tonne on carbon emissions.Story continues below

But Ottawa is implementing a tax anyways on Manitoba and other provinces, who failed to comply with the federal government’s planREAD MORE: What you need to know about carbon taxes, rebatesAs of January 1, the federal carbon pricing plan will be in effect on emitters in the province that use at least 50,000 tonnes of carbon per year.April 1 is when the $20-per-tonne tax will be charged on gasoline, diesel and natural gas. Manitobans will be paying 4.42 cents more per litre of gas and a household will be paying an additional $232 on average.Expect to get some of that money back thanks to a rebate the next time you file your taxes as a Manitoba family of four will get back $339 on average.WATCH: Manitoba costs associated with a federally-mandated carbon tax