NFL game a ‘rip-off’; Manitoba fans disappointed by Raiders and Packers pre-season bout

Local fans and personalities say Thursday’s NFL pre-season match between the Oakland Raiders and the Green Bay Packers at IG Field was disappointing, although the province’s premier had kinder words.“To me, this was a complete rip-off,” said Winnipeg Free Press sports writer Mike McIntyre.“It was a sham. I called it a boondoggle … You know it was a debacle, really, and unfortunately I think a lot of this is going to reflect on Winnipeg.
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“But the fact is, I don’t see this as an indictment of Winnipeg or Winnipeg sports fans, and certainly the Bombers. I mean they just rented out their facility … they’re not on the hook financially which I think is a very good thing that they avoided.”READ MORE: Raiders beat Packers in Winnipeg on bizarre 80-yard fieldDuring a campaign stop Friday, Progressive Conservative leader Brian Pallister was asked about the game, which was played on a shortened field because of
concerns about the turf in the end zones.
“I would remind people to remember that the organizers tried to do something that hadn’t been done before, so let’s give them respect and credit for trying,” Pallister said.“I would rather see a person try and fail then see somebody who had never tried. Yeah, it didn’t work out the way they wanted, and I’m sympathetic to the fans
who felt disappointed obviously but not being a provincial responsibility I’ll limit my comments to that.”
Yes, WE know that, but the optics during the game or highlights on various sports shows (where no explanations were given) were not good! This fiasco (the prices, lack of promised events/fanfare, then the field decision), was not good for our city! 😠— Gordana Kinsley (@GordanaKins) August 23, 2019
Manitoba NDP leader Wab Kinew said he noticed plenty of fans of both teams downtown, but acknowledged there were issues with the event.“I think there was a lot of buzz, it’s just that I guess because of a few fumbles here and there with the field and a lot of fans being disappointed (Packers star quarterback) Aaron Rodgers didn’t start, this game didn’t end up being the touchdown it could have been,” he said.Just before the game started, the NFL announced the field would be shortened to 80 from 100 yards over concerns about a ‘hole’ in the field left by removing the CFL goalposts. The league also decided to eliminate kickoffs.Minutes before the opening play, the Packers announced they would not dress 33 players, including Rodgers. The Raiders also held out most of their starters, including quarterback Derek Carr and marquee receiver Antonio Brown, for the Week 3 pre-season contest. Week 3 games traditionally see teams give their starters the most time in the pre-season.READ MORE: Winnipeg, Alberta? Oakland Raider’s inaccurate shirt prompts collective eye-roll from ‘PeggersThis happened after a social media dust-up when the Oakland Raiders tweeted out a photo of player A.J. Cole III wearing a “Winnipeg, Alberta” t-shirt.“It’s kind of funny, isn’t it, that the Winnipeg Alberta T-shirt was actually way down the list of, sort of embarrassing things that happened,” said McIntyre.“I would not be surprised if we don’t see lawsuits coming out of this down the road with a lot of finger pointing among the various parties.”Announced attendance was 21,992 at 33,000-seat IG Field. Ticket prices, much higher than for most other NFL pre-season games, were highlighted in media reports in the leadup to the game.LISTEN: Mike McIntyre full interview with Brittany Greenslade:View link »