PC Party of Manitoba pledges to phase out education property taxes

Brian Pallister says his party intends to phase out education property taxes if the PC Party of Manitoba is elected next week.The PC Party has pledged to phase out the education portion of property taxes over 10 years, starting the year after the first balanced budget. The money would then come from general revenues and says “education funding levels will be unaffected.”#mbpoli— Elisha Dacey (@elishadacey) September 3, 2019
“Manitoba has one of the most complicated and uneven education property tax regimes in the country,” said Pallister in a release. “Education property taxes will be phased out – saving homeowners thousands of dollars each year on their property tax bill when fully implemented.”The average household would see about $2,000 in savings, he said.Pallister made the announcement as he released his party’s full platform Tuesday, which includes tax rollbacks, a promise of $2 billion in health care funding, 20 new schools and an ambitious plan to grow the economy by 40,000 full time jobs.
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