Pit bull ban adds extra challenge to finding Winnipeg rescue dog a new home

A Winnipeg dog rescue has been nursing a pup back to health and while she’s nearly ready for adoption, there’s an added challenge to finding her a good home — her breed.

Mia was brought to the Winnipeg Giant Breed Rescue in August after she was found starving with severe mange in a community near The Pas.

When she was first brought in, her bones were protruding and her skin felt more like the texture of scales, dog foster Jennifer Hurst said.

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As her hair began to grow back, Hurst said she could tell the pup was part pit bull.

“It took a long time once she got her beef back, her hair and her looks. The challenge isn’t necessarily the breed, we need to find her a home outside the city and that’s going to be the biggest challenge we have,” she said.

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Miracle dog

Miracle dog

There’s a ban on pit bulls in the City of Winnipeg that came into effect in 1990 after the city says there were a series of attacks leaving people with serious injuries.

Now the bylaw says you can’t even have a dog with the appearance or physical characteristics of a pit bull.

If you are caught with one of the prohibited animal breeds you could be handed a $1,000 fine.

Miracle being held by her foster Jenn Hurst.
Miracle being held by her foster Jenn Hurst. Amber McGuckin/Global News

Hurst says the rescue will soon be looking for a permanent family for Mia — a family living outside city limits.

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“We can’t do anything about it until people realize that it’s not the dog — it’s everything else,” Hurst said.

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“We do need somebody who knows a stubborn dog. She’s stubborn, loveable but stubborn.”

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“She’s going to need a very strong owner.”

Anyone who is looking to adopt Mia can contact the rescue on Facebook.

Miracle when she was found in a community near The Pas.
Miracle when she was found in a community near The Pas. Precious Pet Kennels

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