Racist materials found in ex-army reservist’s truck prompted investigation: sources

It was racist materials found in former MCp. Patrik Mathews’ truck, discovered by border agents during a stop at the Canada-U.S. border, which alerted Canada’s national security radar and triggered an intelligence investigation, sources tell Global News.That was also the tripwire which drew federal officials and police from Manitoba to the United States as the search for Mathews — who was reported missing last week — continues.Mathews was discharged from the military on Aug. 30.READ MORE: American police warned former army reservist in Manitoba likely crossed borderNational security sources tell Global News that Mathews made “frequent trips” to the United States, driving across the border.It remains unclear what Mathews was doing in the U.S., and who, if anyone, he was meeting with.WATCH: Reservist allegedly linked to neo-Nazi group is missing