Roy Green: Another Trudeau town hall accomplishing what?

As an exercise in useful dialogue, policy explanation, addressing real needs and expressed frustration and anger over a Western Canadian oil industry in Ottawa-engineered distress, Thursday night’s latest incarnation of a Justin Trudeau town hall chat at the University of Regina served what purpose?Story continues below

Sure, the Prime Minister didn’t repeat his “we can’t shut down the oilsands tomorrow. We need to phase them out” muttering at a January 2017 Peterborough, Ont., town hall, but he said nothing which would fundamentally serve to encourage the energy sector, as well as re-energize foreign investment interest.Mr. Trudeau listened to one man’s expressed concerns over Christian-Muslim relations within Canada and replied with his usual speech vague about the values of immigration, “regular” and “irregular.”Watch: moments from the Regina town hallTrudeau stands up for immigrants as town hall questioner slams Islam