Season’s Eating: How to avoid overindulging during the holidays

With the holiday season underway, it is easy to get carried away snacking on your festive favourites. And while they may trigger fond memories, seasonal comfort foods may not be the best for maintaining your health or weight.READ MORE: Healthy Living: healthy holiday drink optionsRegistered Dietitian Susan Watson shared some ways to prevent overindulging on rich foods over the next month.Don’t go to a party hungry. If you can have a balanced snack that includes some protein and carbohydrates, you can take the edge off your hunger and will be much less likely to overeat.Start off with a smaller sized plate. It’s okay to go back for seconds if it’s something you really like, but the larger plate you start with, the more likely you will be to overindulge.Vegetables should take up half of your plate. Place veggies on your plate first so you have less room for the higher-calorie foods.Indulge on the holiday treats you can only get this time of year, like candy canes or chocolate oranges. Indulging on holiday treats and regular snacks like potato chips can leave you with an upset stomach.Be mindful of your liquid calories. Take a look at low-calorie options, or dilute your drink with carbonated water instead of pop.After every other drink, have a glass of water. Not only will you stay hydrated, but it will help you feel fuller so you’re less likely to overindulge.READ MORE: Staying healthy during the holidays“This time of year you don’t want to be focusing on dieting,” says Watson.“Think about what the healthiest version of you is right now and how you can maintain that over the season.”Watson explained that enjoying holiday treats is still important – people should just do so in moderation.
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