Single zebra mussel larva found in Shoal Lake water sample

A single zebra mussel larva has been found in a water sample for the lake that serves as Winnipeg’s drinking water supply.Manitoba Sustainable Development and the Ontario Ministry of Natural resources and Forestry said Monday they found the larva during the lastest round of regular testing of Shoal Lake, which straddles the Manitoba-Ontario border.READ MORE: Receding lake levels reveal zebra mussels near GimliThe groups said the larva was found by the Clytie Bay public boat launch on the northeast side of Shoal Lake.“No zebra mussels were detected in ongoing annual monitoring conducted by the City of Winnipeg,” they said.“It is important to note the discovery of a single veliger does not necessarily indicate adult zebra mussels have colonized the lake.”Both groups said the lake’s water quality data will be reviewed to see how likely zebra mussels could form a colony in Shoal Lake.RELATED: Winnipegger visiting Lake Winnipeg shocked by thousands of mussels found on shore