Teen who killed friend while drunk driving sentenced to 120 days

It’s been nearly two years since a poor decision at a party turned deadly, and now a young man will see jail time.Judge Robert Heinrichs sentenced a 19-year-old man to 80 days in custody at a youth facility followed by 40 days of community supervision Thursday after he pled guilty to impaired driving causing death.Judge Heinrichs ordered a publication ban on the case, prohibiting media outlets from naming the driver or the person who died.Story continues below

READ MORE: Manitobans worry about drug-impaired driving once pot is legal: SurveyAccording to court records, a group of five teens left a gathering in Dufresne on Oct. 16, 2016,  including the then-17-year-old who got behind the wheel impaired by alcohol-spiked iced teas and a bit of weed.A number of his friends tried to stop him from driving, but he left in the early hours, taking a passenger with him.Another car with three other young men followed.At some point, the 17-year-old tried to pass the car ahead of him. He sped up, lost control and ended up rolling the car.WATCH: Teen takes impaired driving test in ‘drunk suit’