The Royal Albert, Winnipeg’s punk rock mecca, set to re-open Friday

One of Winnipeg’s most iconic music venues is set to finally re-open after years of uncertainty.The bar at the historic Royal Albert Arms Hotel was shuttered after a string of ownership controversies and aborted attempts at re-opening, before finally going up for mortgage auction in 2017.Story continues below

The 106-year-old hotel has a special reputation within Winnipeg’s music community as a gritty mainstay for punk rock, metal and other independent music scenes. The venue also hosted now-legendary touring artists like Green Day and Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) before their international success.The club was the subject of a documentary film, Call to Arms: The Story of the Royal Albert, a decade ago, in which its legendary status is confirmed by local, national and international artists, who talk about the beloved venue’s mystique – with many comparing it favourably to New York City’s infamous rock n’ roll mecca, CBGB’s.That edgy mystique was due, in part, to the low-income housing above the bar, which was the site of a grisly 2003 murder that captivated Winnipeggers.