‘Tis the season for cracked glass: Potholes wreak havoc on Winnipeg trucks with fragile cargo

Pothole season’ is an annual annoyance for most Winnipeg drivers, but for those carrying fragile cargo, navigating the city’s streets can be a costly affair.Hi-Tech Energy Windows general manager Shawn Kapusta told 680 CJOB that worrying about glass windows getting to job sites in one piece is a constant concern with current road conditions.READ MORE: City crews hustling to repair roads as Winnipeg enters pothole season“It’s stressful. You put a package of windows into a truck or trailer and you just pray that it’s going to get to the site in one piece,” he said.“The streets are just horrible right now. You can have nice, straight streets, and you see the people in front of you bobbing and weaving like they’re on a NASCAR circuit because of the potholes.”