Under-construction Winkler elementary school catches fire

A school in Winkler caught fire Wednesday afternoon.Pine Ridge Elementary School is currently under construction and was set to open in September.Garden Valley School Division confirmed no students were inside when the blaze began Wednesday afternoon.READ MORE: Winkler police cancel annual bike auction due to a lack of bikesOne caller told 680 CJOB he could see the flames and smoke coming from the building around 3 p.m., saying it looked like a large fire.“We can see the plumes of smoke all over town — in fact we’re getting people telling us news tips they’re seeing the smoke all the way in Morden, which is another five miles away,” Chuck Vandaele with Pembina Valley Online said.There were no immediate reports of injuries, Vandaele said, and the smoke was lessening as the fire department battled the blaze.More to come.
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