Union claims Canada Post exaggerated backlog to force federal intervention

The Canadian Union of Postal workers is accusing Canada Post of putting out propaganda to end the weeks-old labour dispute.Last week, the postal service sent media outlets drone footage showing dozens of trailers, purportedly full of mail, sitting outside Canada Post’s largest processing plant in Mississauga.The union isn’t buying it.Story continues below

“We question those images — if you look closely, you’ll see the door is open and some of those trailers are empty,” said Mike Palecek, CUPW national president.Palecek says his members have done their own checks.“We’re getting reports back of the actual numbers of trailers sitting in places and it’s a fraction of what they’re saying,” Palecek told Global News.CUPW, which represents 50,000 postal employees, believes management inflated the numbers in an effort to make the problem seem worse and force the government to act.WATCH: NDP criticize Liberals over potential back-to-work legislation in Canada Post strike